Awards Ceremony 2016 BBR Finale

New Waverly, Texas

December 31st, 2016 

2017 BBR Finale Winner - Ezekiel Mitchell  - Uptown Funk 86.75

Stock Contractor Knapp -New Waverly , Texas

Concho Courtesy of Sid Richardson

BBR Finale Champion Bull Riders

BBR Finale  2015 Champion Bull Rider

Winner 2016 BBR Finale &
Year End Champion Bull Rider

Laramie Craigen

"My name is Boudreaux Campbell and I'm 17 years old.  I started riding sheep when I was 4 years old,  I also starting riding horses and roping when I was at the age of 4.

I've always wanted to be a cowboy and successful in the arena.  I am the 2015 High School State Champion Bull rider,  and the 2015 CPRA champion bull rider.  I also was the 2015 BBR Champion Bull Rider.

I'm am currently sitting first place in the 2016 BBR season. I have been very blessed in my career and I have to thank the man up stairs and my sponsor Barstow Pro Rodeo for all my success."