Concho Courtesy of Sid Richardson

Our Mission Statement

   Backyard Bull Riders is a network for bull riders to climb the ranks without obligation of membership dues and an opportunity to make some much needed support to enhance their riding skills. Backyard Bull Riders will encourage rider friendly type bulls. We want the most for every rider to have an equal opportunity to succeed.

   Most events will be held on Sunday’s at 2pm at a bull pen near you.  We guarantee 100% payback with $60 fees and a minimum of $1000 added.

   Backyard Bull Riders welcome all types of riders.  We support sportsmanship, comradery, and professionalism.

   Please carry yourself in and out of the arena as if you were at a World Finals.

   Be a champion and an ambassador of the sport.  There will not be any fines however…Backyard Bull Riders will not allow people to abuse our network.  Come participate or spectate, but please show us the same courtesy and respect that you would like to be treated with. 

   Backyard Bull Riders is the means of making it to the next bull ride, helping you get down the road, and to the next level.